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 Director & Founder 

Jamie Mangan’s extensive experience producing high-profile events puts his finger on the pulse of cutting-edge design as well as the latest advances in lighting and sound, taking an event from great to exceptional.

The nature of Mangan’s work has granted him access to the world’s most exclusive destinations and venues, and alongside his expertise in global logistics, he is among the industry’s most talented event producers.

Mangan’s refreshing and boundary pushing attitude towards events sees technology play a focal role in capturing the perfect moment for clients. To complement and enhance traditional event decor and florals, he embraces lighting, sound, special effects

and other advanced technologies achieving truly stunning results. Undoubtedly ahead of his time in the luxury private and corporate event sector, his skillful and considered application of technology paired with his precise execution of complex logistics gives his production a distinct edge and slick finish. It is his astute 360 degree understanding of what is required to deliver a high budget event that delivers remarkable and dynamic guest experiences.

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